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Photochromic sports glasses

Photochromic sports glasses: essential for your outdoor sports

Whether on high mountain peaks or on wide open spaces of a cycle path – the right sports glasses can make a huge difference in your daily physical exercise. With our innovative, photochromic sports glasses, we guarantee an even better, more intense and more pleasant outdoor performance.

Polarised sports glasses

Polarised sports glasses: particularly stylish and functional

Are you ready for innovation combined with Italian design and maximum functionality? Polarised sports glasses make your adventures even more exciting and your vision even clearer – without distracting glare and UV rays.

UV protection

UV protection: that's why it is so important

UV rays are invisible, but their impact on our eyes is enormous. A high-quality UV protection in sunglasses and sports glasses blocks harmful UV rays, protecting sensitive skin from long-term damage and retinal diseases. In this article you will learn what is important about it and what you should consider.