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Kinder Sonnenbrille Gimmi

Kinder Sonnenbrille Gimmi
€ 34,90
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Die coole Kinder Sonnenbrille Gimmi mit polarisierenden und farbig verspiegelten Gläsern wurde speziell für Kinder und ihre empfindlichen Augen entwickelt.
  • Polarisierende Kindersonnenbrille 
  • Verspiegelte Sonnenbrille 
  • Brillenbügel gummiert
  • 100 % UV-Schutz
Kinder Sonnenbrille Gimmi
Kinder Sonnenbrille Gimmi
Kinder Sonnenbrille Gimmi
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Kinder Sonnenbrille
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The lenses of your Gimmi polarised sun glasses capture the light reflected by water or snow so you won't get dazzled. Polarisation technology helps you see colours better and will highlight contours.


Mirrored sun glasses are ideal in conditions of bright sunshine or strong reflections. The light is reflected back by the lens, which prevents the eyes from being dazzled. The light transmission varies according to the thickness of the mirror coating. It usually ranges from 4% to over 50%.

Gimmi mirrored sun glasses are not suitable in very poor light conditions, however. The low light levels cannot penetrate the mirroring, thus reducing visibility.
Lens coating


Gimmi sun glasses have an anti-fog coating that prevents the glasses from fogging in changing temperature conditions.


The lenses also have an anti-scratch coating. This improves scratch resistance and provides additional protection.

User comfort for sports glasses

The glasses frame is made of polycarbonate, which makes Gimmi  sun glasses particularly break-resistant and light. They offer maximum performance and protection during sporting activities.

UV protection

The glasses offer 100% protection from UV-A rays. Proper protection against UV radiation is especially important in the mountains and by the sea as the radiation intensity is particularly high.

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