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Ski goggles

slokker offers you ski goggles for women, men and children. The OTG goggles of the slokker line are particularly suitable for eyeglass wearers. Why should you wear a ski goggle? Simple: with a ski goggle you have a clearer view and you are better protected. Choose your goggles for better performance and excellent protection at the best price!


Ski goggle with interchangeable lens John

€ 189,00

Ski goggle Ortler

€ 89,00

Ski Goggle Siusi

€ 79,00

Ski goggle Pinto

€ 79,00

Ski goggle RB Photochromic

€ 119,00

ski goggle SF Photochromic

€ 119,00

Ski goggle RB Polar

€ 119,00

Ski goggle SP1 interchangeable lens

€ 139,00
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Maximum performance & protection with slokker helmets!

Ski goggle Stalle

€ 45,00

Ski goggle SF Polar

€ 119,00

Ski goggle RC Polar

€ 119,00

Ski goggle RC Photochromic

€ 119,00

Ski goggle Kids Gardena

€ 34,00

Ski goggle for kids Mirgo

€ 39,00

Lens for goggle SP1

€ 29,90